Wearing Sports Bras While Nursing

Wearing Sports Bras While Nursing

As a nursing mama, it’s important to be comfortable and to be able to nurse whenever the need arises. That’s where a nursing sports bra comes in - it’s where comfort meets function and every mama should own one - at least!

What Makes a Great Nursing Sports Bra?

Whether you’re preparing for the birth of your baby, or you’re a mama that’s already nursing, these are the must-haves in a nursing sports bra!

1. Fabric

Any item of clothing is really just as good as its fabric. When it comes to nursing sports bras, the fabric must be firm and supportive, yet soft to the touch. Supportive yet gentle, sounds like all the mamas out there! Oh, and it has to be breathable, too!

2. Straps

Going hand and hand with the fabric, straps provide much needed support. Thick straps help hold the girls in place and a crisscross back offers extra leverage.

3. Easy Access Clips

A nursing sports bra *needs* to be functional! Easy access clips allow nursing mamas to unclip the sports bra with one hand while holding their newborn in the other.

The Athena Nursing Sports Bra 2.0 and the All in One Hands Free Pumping and Nursing Sports Bra 2.0 are designed with all of these elements in mind! They are game changers for nursing mamas of all shapes and sizes.

Finding the Right Sports Bra for Nursing

Since a mama produces milk to nourish her baby, her breasts will be larger than normal. Making sure your nursing sports bra fits comfortably when you’re the most full of milk will guarantee the right fit. If mama is comfortable in her activewear, baby will feel more comfortable nursing! Life’s most magical moments are enhanced by a functional, innovative piece of clothing. 

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