Laura Berens of Love and Fit Activewear


I’m Laura Berens, founder of Love and Fit!

I'm originally from South Dakota and grew up in small-town America. I was always a competitive athlete and loved fitness all the way into my adult life. So when I got pregnant with my first child, Kya I wanted to keep that up and worked out all 9 months of my pregnancy.  I remember at that time it was hard to find leggings that were comfortable for my workouts but I made do with what I had even though I wasn't happy with it.

About 3 months into my postpartum journey I was doing home workouts as best I could all while having to stop at times to nurse my daughter. As we know when a baby is hungry we have to stop everything at times to feed them!

I was having to pull up a tight, sweaty nursing sports bra to try to feed her and it was miserable. I thought there has got to be a supportive, moisture wicking nursing sports bra on the market right?? Nope! I couldn't find anything that was supportive enough or had the quality of fabric I was looking for and let alone stylish! When I couldn't find what I needed on the market, I decided to create it! 



Laura Berens of Love and Fit Activewear with her daughter

Fast forward years later we now have a full line of products that I felt were needed during my pregnancy and after! Along with our "Stay Put" Leggings that can be worn by any woman. Who doesn't want leggings that stay up during your workouts right?!

I am now continuing to grow the activewear line to create items for all stages of a woman's life. I want all women to feel empowered, strong and fit! I hope to reach as many women as I can and provide them with something they LOVE and something that FITS.