Returning to the Gym Safely - A Guide for Mamas Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Returning to the Gym Safely  - A Guide for Mamas Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hey Mamas! If you’re anything like me, I’ve been itching to get back to the gym. As much as I wanted to get back, I was worried. I’m a pregnant mama, was there really a way to go back to the gym safely as the COVID-19 pandemic continues? For me, yes! I was able to take steps to make me feel safe.

It all comes down to your personal risk threshold, but here’s how I got myself back to the gym while sporting my favorite pregnancy leggings, my Love and Fit Maternity Leggings, of course!

Before you think about going to the gym:

1. Familiarize yourself with the COVID-19 safety guidelines gyms and fitness centers have to follow.

Gyms have to follow specific guidelines for reopening, CNET put together a helpful guide if you haven’t read up on it yet. Trust me, if your gym’s not following these guidelines, you don’t want to be there!

As with any other activity during this time, maintaining distance is key. Gyms must allow for a minimum of 6 feet between workout equipment or install some sort of protective barriers if distance can’t be maintained. They also have to step up cleaning and sanitation protocols.Make sure your gym is putting in the work to keep you safe! You are paying them, after all!

2. Have a trusted friend or family member scope out the gym first.

It’s hard to tell how seriously gyms are taking the CDC guidelines for a safe re-opening. Having someone you trust scope out the situation first will help you determine if you’d feel comfortable going to workout. I had Chris check out the gym first to see what safety precautions they had in place and I HIGHLY recommend you do the same! I trust Chris with my life and I know he would give me an honest review of the situation. So before you head to the gym, make sure someone gives you the 4-1-1 on what they’re doing to protect you!

Okay, so if after that you’ve decided you’re comfortable going to the gym, here are the steps I took to help me feel safe that I recommend for other mamas!


Take All Necessary Safety Precautions and Then Some

Like the CDC says, knowing how to minimize your risk in any public setting is important. With all the heavy breathing and shared equipment, I wanted to take extra steps to feel safe and as comfortable as possible. So here are my recommendations for other mamas out there:

1. Go to the gym on off hours.

The key is to avoid crowds and ensure you can keep your distance from people. It’s much easier to keep your distance if nobody is in the gym! Try mid morning or between 1-3pm. The fewer people in the gym, the better!

2. Wear a mask at all times.

Masks help ensure that you keep your aerosol droplets to yourself! Plus they help protect you against other things floating in the air. Mask up before stepping into the gym. If I was on the cardio machine, I did pull my mask down for a bit if I felt like I needed to breathe. But since I was spaced out I felt comfortable.

3. Wipe down all equipment before and after use.

The gyms should be doing their part to sanitize equipment, but they can’t sanitize after every person uses it, which is why you should! I literally brought a spray bottle to disinfect, my own towel to wipe the equipment down, and another towel to lay over the equipment. I also bring hand sanitizer and wash my hands very often. Like I said, take all the necessary precautions and then some!


4. Bring your own water bottle and avoid refilling it at the water fountain.

Obviously you have to stay hydrated and you don’t want to risk coming in contact with anyone else’s saliva. #BYOWB

5. Workout far away from other people and if someone comes close to you, move to your next workout.

Mamas, personal space is so important right now! The coronavirus pandemic has just highlighted the need to keep away from people, 6 feet at all times. And don’t worry about seeming rude, others should be keeping their distance from you too.

Do What Makes You Feel Comfortable

I’ll be totally honest, I was nervous going back to the gym, but I’m glad I went. It’s okay to have anxiety during this time and it’s okay to not go back to the gym if you’re not ready. Do what makes you feel comfortable, the gym will be ready when you’re ready! But be sure to put on a supportive nursing sports bra and silicone gripped leggings, and get your workout on mamas, wherever you are! If you are looking for a few home workouts - check out our IGTV on our Instagram @loveandfitshop!

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