International Women's Day Fearless Female Feature - Hila Plitmann

International Women's Day Fearless Female Feature - Hila Plitmann

We’re continuing to highlight some of the *amazing* women I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths and work with in the past as we continue to celebrate International Women’s Day all month long! Each of these women have a unique story to tell - and I hope their message of perseverance, courage, and self-confidence inspire you like each of them inspire me!

Hila Plitmann is a Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, and actress. Working in the music industry since she was 14 years old, Hila has learned to pursue the things that bring her joy and speak to her soul. Her message is clear, you have so much to offer by simply being yourself. She uses this advice in her professional and personal life as a mother.

We caught up with Hila and asked her a few questions about her motivation, career, and advice for other women. Read all about Hila below and be sure to follow her on social media @hilapiltmann and check out her website

What motivates you?

Motivation for me comes from many things. Imagination. The poetry of our miraculous world. The essence of relatedness and emotional expression. When I sense that some creation is unfolding that will move people and gives them something that might connect them more deeply to their hearts.

Do you have an "ah-ha" moment that changed your life/career path?

Not so much an ‘ah-ha’ moment, but more of an unfolding process of realization over the past few years that had to do with incorporating the quality of presence, NOWness and mysticism that I feel so readily during performance, into every aspect of my life. It has expanded, inspired and informed everything, from something as simple and daily as washing dishes to my art and my relationships.

What do you consider your biggest failure? How'd you bounce back from it?

My biggest failure happens when I see myself as small and incapable of something that is in my soul. When I hold on to some old patterns that are unhelpful and an unhealthy perception of unworthiness, it stops me from my fullest expression.

Being able to recognize my self-doubt, I am able to bounce back through the practice of mindfulness, meditation, and gratitude. These practices propels me forward to more enlightened creativity.

What advice do you have for other women?

You are inherently, uniquely wonderful and have so many gifts in simply being who you are. Let go of your inhibitions and allow the song of your soul to vibrate freely and clearly.

Hila’s journey is something so many of us can relate to. We often stifle our true potential when we let doubt and thoughts of being unworthy or incapable creep in. Take time to truly identify what brings your soul happiness and you’ll live a more fulfilled life. As Hila would say, every heart has a song and you should follow yours!

Thanks, Hila for being fearlessly you and a role model for so many women out there! Your an inspiration to all women looking to live a more genuine life, especially those trying to break into the music world!

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