Help Build Muscle with Healthy Eating

Help Build Muscle with Healthy Eating

So you’ve strapped on your Strappy Back Nursing Sports Bra and stepped into your Guardian Leggings. You complete a quality workout that’s got you feeling good. What comes next? Well, the fight to build muscle isn’t only fought in the gym!

It’s no secret that you have to do a lot of different things to build muscle, you can’t just exercise or just eat right, it has to be a combination of both. To really start burning fat and toning up, here are 10 of the best foods you can eat to help the process!


  1. Kale – there’s a reason as a kid your parents were always telling you to eat your greens! Raw or cooked, add a little kale into your diet – it pairs well with a good workout.
  2. Quinoa – if you’re a fan of rice, you should try and substitute it for quinoa. Not only is quinoa rich in magnesium, it can help the tissue and muscle in your body.
  3. Sweet potatoes – better for you than regular potatoes, these vegetables are high in fiber and carbs, making them the perfect addition to your pre-workout meal!
  4. Eggs – no, you don’t have to down them raw like Rocky! Eggs contain protein, healthy fats, and B vitamins, all essential components of muscle gain and energy production.
  5. Chicken- high protein content, rich in B and B6 vitamins, chicken is a solid staple for muscle building diets. Did we mention since it’s so high in protein it also may help fat loss?
  6. Greek Yogurt – another high protein option, Greek Yogurt actually helps with digestion. The different fast and slow digesting proteins can help increase lean mass.
  7. Chickpeas – whether in bean form or ground into hummus, chickpeas are an excellent source of protein and carbs. Be careful what you use to season them, though, wouldn’t want to turn them unhealthy.
  8. Tofu – if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, tofu is a great substitute for the nutrients found in meat. It’s a great source of calcium and, since its made of soy, it’s high in protein.
  9. Almonds – these nuts can aid the body in using carbohydrates and fats. These should be consumed in moderation because they are high in calories.
  10. Protein Powders – if you’re worried about getting the right amount of protein from food, a supplement can be beneficial to helping you build muscle tone.

Next time you’re headed to the grocery store, make sure to stock up on foods high in protein that will help you build muscle along with your workouts. Your Athena Nursing Sports bra is there to support you but can only do so much, your decisions on what you eat is what will take you the rest of the way!


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