Vacation and Traveling Pounds

Vacation and Traveling Pounds

How can you stay on point while traveling?


Vacation and Traveling Pounds!

Summers here and I know many of you have those big travel plans or vacations coming up. I thought I’d give some insight on how to prep for the week long splurge without OVER doing it.

I recently came back from a week of traveling and boy did I come back feeling like I over-splurged. So, in light of that I’ve done some research and came up with some tips and tricks of how to prep for my next vacation.  Yes you should be able to indulge here and there, but you also can stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. Remember, being healthy is a state of mind. When your heart works better you FEEL better.

First off, technically if you come back from vacation and your scale is 5-7lbs over that doesn’t necessarily mean you gained 5 lbs of fat. Most of that could be water weight from the high sodium foods you ate while you were away. Yes maybe 1-2lbs may be fat, but in order for that all to be fat you would have had to eat 17,500 calories over your daily regular calorie intake that keeps your body functioning.  3,500 calories = 1lbs of fat. So don’t be TOO hard on yourself. Now for the tips and tricks to prep you for your upcoming vacation.


-Make sure prior to your vacation you are regularly active and on a sensible healthy eating diet. Maybe even 1-2 weeks before you leave really clean it up to make room for the extra you may be consuming on vacation

-Plan out some of the nights/dinners you may be indulging in. This way when something pops up that isn’t in your “indulge” plan for that day you can pass. Preparation is key!

-Write out some of the things you’d like to partake in while traveling that involves some sort of activity. Maybe it’s a run on the beach, or a hike in the jungle. Any extra activity will keep your endorphins up and also make you feel better about sporting that bikini on the beach.


-Get right back to your active routine. Gym, hiking, or biking – whatever it is don’t put it off another week. Your only hurting yourself and your emotional well being will thank you for it.

-Prep your meals for the week and stay on track with healthy and clean eating. The best way to shed those extra pounds you put on is to EAT CLEAN.

-DRINK WATER!! Since some of the extra weight is probably due to water retention drinking more water will help flush out your system and drop the excess weight.

I hope this helps you prep for your upcoming summer trips! Just remember it’s great to indulge and relax but just do it in moderation. Your body and mind will thank you for keeping them in check!

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