The Real Truth About Breastfeeding

The Real Truth About Breastfeeding

After your child is born, you will have the option to breastfeed. While it’s recommended as a way for mother and baby to bond while the baby gets the nutrients it needs to grow and develop, up until recent years it wasn’t openly discussed. Still today, most moms are willing to share the amazing moments they have with their child, but not the frustrating or upsetting ones. We’re here to bring to light what most women don’t share about breastfeeding.

1. Sometimes it’s really hard.

Not all babies just latch on when they’re introduced to your nipple, heck some babies down right reject it! So, here you are post-labor struggling to get your baby to latch on. It’s hard to preach patience at such a trying time, but you didn’t give up during delivery, so if breastfeeding is something you definitely want to do, keep persevering.

2. Breastfeeding hurts.

I mean, it doesn’t feel like something we should have to put out there, but your baby is literally sucking milk through the glands of your nipple when they’re tender. Oh and sometimes they bite! But try and breathe through it, your baby is learning, too, so hopefully the pain is just a short-lived phase.

3. You may be judged for breastfeeding in public.

While there is a whole movement to #normalizebreastfeeding, there are still people that will judge a woman for breastfeeding in public. Let’s face it, unless you plan to stay home for close to a year after your baby is born, you will have to do it in front of strangers. The great thing is that nowadays there are nursing bras, tops, and even sweatshirts to help keep mamas covered when they need to nurse in public if they choose to. One of the many reasons why Love and Fit was born was to be able to nurse at anytime, anywhere! One of our first bras, the Strappy Back Nursing Sports Bra even has a stylish back that you can pair with our Breezy Nursing Tank so you can be out and about and feed in style!

Strappy Back Nursing Sports Bra Black

Strappy Back Nursing Sports Bra

4. You may need to ask for a place to pump when you go back to work.

By law companies are required to give new mothers a private space to pump. Yet still, at some companies you’ll have to ask where the space will be or be asked to use the spare closet. Make it a point to tell your job what you need from them to be successful at work as a new mother. It’s your right!

5. Some women create too much milk.

Women that have an oversupply of milk experience engorged breasts and may need to pump in between feedings in order to find relief. Also, your baby may get more milk than they can handle when they start to breastfeed. Try pumping before so you and your baby can both be comfortable! Pumping at times and nursing at others? Well you are in luck! Love & Fit is launching their All In One Nursing & Hands-Free Pumping Sports Bra very soon! Check our site to see if it’s available.

6. Some women create too little milk.

Some women will have to use formula to supplement if they can’t create enough milk to feed their baby. It’s going to feel personal, but trust us, it’s not. It’s biological and there’s unfortunately not much you can do about it. The important thing is your baby gets the nutrients it needs to keep growing and whatever way works for your family is the best way.

7. It can be messy.

Yes, you can lactate when you are not about to breastfeed, it may even be able to be visibly seen through your shirt while in public. Oops! Our best advice is to have nursing pads inside your bra to collect any milk that leaks through your bra.
It will feel like your baby is always nursing.

8. The feeding will be constant for awhile while your baby is young.

It will be tiring, painful, frustrating, but an altogether beautiful bonding experience you get to share with your child. After all, if it wasn’t a magical thing, they wouldn’t have invented a way for men to be able to simulate breastfeeding.

Becoming a mom is by no means an easy task and breastfeeding at times can be difficult. It’s important to remember not every mother’s breastfeeding journey looks the same and there is no true normal way. So keep some mamas close to you who can offer advice and comfort you in times of frustration. When it’s over you’ll look back on all the precious mommy and baby time you got to spend with your little one!

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