Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!

We all crave it in some way shape or form right?


That donut at the office or that bag of sour patch kids in the check out lane (my personal fav!) Sugar is not bad per se, it is actually an important source of food energy. Some of those natural sugars come from fruits, breads etc. But you have to be careful on how much of that is adding up each day.

Before I use to track my sugar, I craved a lot of those simple sugar foods when I saw them. What’s crazy is that as soon as I tracked my sugar and brought that level down, my cravings went down. You may have heard that if you are addicted to sugar you cut it out completely and the cravings go away? Well, that was the truth for me. Though I didn’t fully cut it out, I tend to keep my sugar below 25g per day. A lot of the healthy foods I eat have maybe 2-3 grams of sugar in them so at the end of the day it all adds up!

If I want something that has added sugar or is higher in sugar grams I just make sure to modify the rest of my day to keep my daily sugar level down. I know it may seem hard now, but I invite you to try to track your sugar and keep it down for 2 weeks. I guarantee after two weeks you should start to see those cravings go away.

Make sure to read the labels too! So many foods disguised as “healthy” are actually loaded with sugar. Some other names of sugar are: fructose, glucose, corn syrup or sucrose. Take a look at some of the daily foods you eat to see if any of these are in the ingredients – you may be surprised!

Ready to take on the challenge and don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips:

  • Try using Stevia in your coffee rather than sugar or splenda
  • Keep track of your fruit intake
  • Cut out fruit juices and work on getting your water intake up instead. Add a lemon!
  • Cut down on soft drinks or cut them all out together.


There are so many ways to get around sugar and create recipes that aren’t packed with added sugars. Stick to real, whole foods and avoid processed foods. Remember to always shop around the parameter of the grocery store for 90% of your shopping list!

In the Post Baby Program I walk you through how to track and calculate the sugar totals that are right for you. You can check out that program here:

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