Spring into Summer and Step Up Your Game!

Spring into Summer and Step Up Your Game!

With summer right around the corner you may be thinking you want to step up your workout game?! It seems right when the weather starts getting nicer I start thinking of pool season, oh yikes!

The winter months are filled with holidays treats, cozy leggings (Love & Fit of course) and furry sweaters. Spring is when I typically step up my workouts just a little bit more than what I had been doing the last 4-6 months. 

Lately, this has consisted of doing things that shock my body that are new and different. At times when I go to the gym I get stuck in my routine. I wanted to do something that made me feel more sore, took me to another level and maybe helped me move into the summer months feeling more confident! I started doing things like boxing classes, tread sprint classes and even some fun cardio pilates! Getting into a group setting has really helped me get out of my rut at the gym and push my motivation. I've always had a competitive nature from being in sports, so even though I'm cheering the lady next to me at the gym to go for one more set - this also helps push myself to do the same! If I was working out alone it's not always as easy to push yourself harder. 

Changing it up and being around other people that are pushing themselves too has really made me excited to workout each day. I still do a few sessions by myself at the gym which I leave mainly for Leg lifting days but my spirit just seems lighter these days and I'm enjoying these fun workouts! 

So as summer inches closer and closer I'd invite you to get out of your comfort zone, grab a friend, show up to a NEW class, get into a group setting and see how you can push yourself to the next level! 

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