Pregnancy The Third Trimester

Pregnancy The Third Trimester

What is the third trimester really like?


You’re almost there! I remember coming into my third trimester thinking, YES – the final round! I knew I still had some time to go but it was exciting to know I didn’t have another trimester after this one. I had heard stories about how the third trimester can bring up symptoms of the first and was a bit scared to be honest. The first trimester for me wasn’t amazing to say the least. But, to my surprise the start of the third trimester was great! My energy was still up, I could still do most of my workouts and I wasn’t too huge to the point I had to let up on all the errands and nursery decorating I had planned to do.

Then week 34 hit.. da da dummm… This is when I started to feel a bit of what I heard everyone talking about when it came to this time of your pregnancy. Sore hip flexors, sore lower back and my breath starting escaping me just even going up the stairs in my house. By all means I still feel it’s better than the first trimester but I started to feel the effects of my growing belly a lot more. I’m now almost 39 weeks and I have to say each week something new comes up for me in regards to different aches and pains but all are very manageable which I’m happy about.

Below are some tips as well as a few myths that I came to find out during my third trimester:

  1. There’s really no way my belly can expand anymore. Haha! Yup, it’s still growing even more at 39 weeks! Say goodbye to putting on your own socks and shoes fairly easy.
  2. My maternity clothes will fit all the way to 40 weeks. Most of mine fit, but there are a few maternity pants that I just can’t quite keep on as they are too tight and uncomfortable now.
  3. Your weight gain may start to slow down. TRUE! Well at least this was true for me. I gained a lot of my weight in the 1st and 2ndso it was a breath of fresh air when my belly kept getting bigger but the increase in the numbers on the scale started to slow down each week.
  4. People at the gym are REALLY staring at you now. It’s almost like I’m Kim Kardashian lifting weights! LOL – I think men are the most surprised. I tend to zone out at the gym so I don’t notice but when your waddling by it’s hard to not see all the faces start to stare. Yes, I’m pregnant and YES, I’m working out! Whoopty doo!

As I’m ten days away from my due date I will say I’m pretty anxious. And you may tend to get this way in the last few weeks. I’ve been doing my best to keep myself calm, finish anything I feel like I need to do prior to baby’s arrival and be patient. But it is hard I will say. I am a firm believer baby will come when she is ready and that may be early or it may be late so I’m open to whatever that be and leave that up to god. At this point, it’s really out of your control and feel free to surrender to that.

Lasting tip: Keep active! Some days I’ve just been walking and even though it’s not a workout at the gym or intense cardio it’s what my body is telling me is best to do at this moment. Even walking 30-40 minutes at this point will get you out of breath so just keep it up! I’m sure it will help with labor too.

Wishing any of you pregnant ladies a wonderful end to your pregnancy! In the very near future my next blog will be on labor. Hoping for a wonderful delivery and healthy baby!

With Love,

Laura Berens

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