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Pregnancy – The Second Trimester

What is the second trimester really like?


Weeks 13 – 26, the lovely and energetic SECOND TRIMESTER! I’m again a little behind on this blog post given the fact that I’m due in three weeks but wanted to make sure I posted on all the trimesters.

Again, all my thoughts and advice below is based on my personal experience. Everyone is going to have a different viewpoint on their pregnancy and most likely experience different things so take what you want and leave the rest! When I hit week 12 I finally felt a sigh of relief! No more nausea or feeling like I was a hormonal crazy woman. I finally started to get my energy back and felt like ME again. That’s not to say there were still days during this trimmest that I felt drained and tired, but it was much better than those first 12 weeks that is for sure.

Below are some tips as well as a few myths that I came to find out during my second trimester as I made my way into my third trimester:


  1. Wow, I’m getting SO big now: Ha! Wait till you hit that 34-37 week mark. Then you can say, wow I’m starting to get big.
  2. I think I could actually do my regular workouts again at the same intensity. Well this is almost true as I could do a lot more than what I could in my first trimester but it was still not at 100% of what I could do pre-pregnancy.
  3. People will now know I’m pregnant and not think I just gained 10-12lbs. This does become true toward the end of your second trimester, at least it did for me. In the beginning I could still actually pass for not being pregnant. Though it just looked liked I couldn’t fit into those “skinny” jeans anymore. Oh, and btw, I was out of my skinny jeans by week 11 or 12. They were just so uncomfortable by then.
  4. Hopefully my weight gain will be more steady and consistent rather than spiking up so high some weeks. This will be different for everyone but I gained more of my weight in the first trimester and then again in the last part of the second trimester.

The biggest advice I could give anyone on their second trimester is ENJOY it and fit all those workouts in, take your baby moon trip and do all the things that require energy NOW! Because once you get bigger around 32 weeks an up, these things will be a lot harder to do.


With Love,

Laura Berens