Postpartum Essentials

Postpartum Essentials

Postpartum necessities that new moms should invest in– because you deserve the best. 

Postpartum bodily changes are a natural part of a mother’s journey. Moms may experience new challenges pertaining to physical recovery, hormonal fluctuations, breastfeeding, and body-image and self-care, all of which are integrated into the phases of motherhood. As a result, it’s important to support yourself as best you can! While every woman’s postpartum experience is unique, embracing these changes with love and support is crucial. A key step in doing this is to ensure that you have the best bras and care essentials for your needs, which changes as one progresses from the early to late postpartum phases. Below is a list of the best investments new moms can make for this exciting new chapter! 

Early-Mid Postpartum

Early postpartum is all about nurturing yourself as you recover from the demands of childbirth and accustom yourself to life with your newborn. It’s important to take care of yourself and to prioritize your comfort and well-being! 

In early postpartum, women may find that it is necessary to wear more relaxed, comfortable bras that allow easy access to nursing. Wearing a looser bra also caters to the fluctuations in breast volume that occurs in early postpartum, along with the promotion of milk flow and the prevention of mastitis, a breast tissue infection that may occur in some women who breastfeed. Looser bras are also more comfortable for women who may have undergone C-sections during delivery, as bras with tight underwire may create pressure that hinders the healing. 

The Everyday Luxe 2.0 Nursing & Hands-Free Pumping Bra by Love and Fit is a great investment to make life easier for women experiencing postpartum changes, particularly one to three months postpartum. Our all-in-one bra is made from luscious fabric that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and everyday wear support. Say goodbye to wires, clips, and hooks– this bra is designed to be comfortable enough to wear 24/7. The Everyday Luxe 2.0 is compatible with standard pump flanges, including brands like Medela, Spectra, Lansinoh, Freemie, Ameda, Hygeia, Philips Avent, Motif, Evenflo, and more. Our newest version has been updated to provide more front coverage and secure pumping slits! 

Breastfeeding T-Shirts 

Another great thing to have are breastfeeding t-shirts.  They’re comfortable, practical, convenient, and a discrete option. They allow easy access to the breast without requiring full-exposure! We recommend these Nursing T-Shirts by Serpahine

Peri Bottles 

During early postpartum, it’s common for women to have a sore and swollen perineum, the area between your vagina and anus, as a result of childbirth. Along with that, many women have lochia, a discharge that includes a combination of blood and uterine lining. One way to speed up the healing process is through using a Peri Bottle, which is designed to help women clean themselves in a gentle way to help prevent infection and aid in recovery. Some popular options include the Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle and the Mother Mother Peri Bottle

Maternity Pads

Lochia, or postpartum bleeding, is a normal occurrence after childbirth. Making sure you have maternity pads on hand provides comfort and absorbency in the case of some bleeding. These Postpartum Pads by The Honey Pot are a great option that soothes and supports certified organic cotton materials. 

Breastfeeding Accessories 

As mothers progress through their breastfeeding journey, different accessories may be required. Breast pumps are arguably one of the most important essentials. 

One great option for breast pumps is the Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump. With a lightweight, portable design and options for single or double pumping, along with an adjustable vacuum, this option is known for its effectiveness. Another option is the

Philips AVENT Breast Pump, known for its comfortability, easy assembly, and affordability. 

Carrying your breast pump accessories around with style and efficiency is another thing moms can do to make their lives easier. Breast pump bags are specially designed to transport and store your breastfeeding accessories, ensuring its protection and providing a professional, discreet appearance. Some great options are the Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag and the Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag. A wonderful, more affordable option is the mommore Breast Pump Bag. 

Mid-Late Postpartum

In the later phases of postpartum, a mom’s needs change as they continue to navigate recovery and continuously make adjustments with a growing baby. After a period of breastfeeding and breast pumping, many women find that there are changes in their breast size and shape, with engorgement subsiding and the breast appearance typically returning closer to pre-pregnancy size. Women may find that their breasts are less firm due to the stretching of skin. 

Similarly, many moms may find that they’re ready to take on slightly more strenuous activities, whether it’s running more errands or engaging in more exercise. Staying active postpartum is incredibly beneficial to women’s health, as it restores muscle strength, boosts energy levels, and helps prevent postpartum depression. As a result, clothing that provides more structure and support may be helpful. 

It’s important to have a bra that provides stability and keeps everything in place. An amazing option for moms three or more months into postpartum is the Strappy Back 2.0 Nursing Sports Bra - by Love and Fit™. Newly updated, this bra has a stylish design that’s perfect for active moms– whether it’s yoga, weight-lifting, or running errands on your to-do list, this bra provides the utmost support for your busy day! Long adjustable straps, a thick band, and superior coverage have been implemented to provide support and freedom for adjustment- perfect for the postpartum mom who's always on the go. Functional nursing clips and removable cups for wearable pumps are the key features of this bra. 

When it comes to exercise, it’s important for moms to choose options that are safe and effective. Resistance Bands, exercise balls, yoga mats, postpartum support belts/bands, and pelvic floor trainers are all beneficial tools for postpartum fitness. It’s important to speak with your healthcare provider before engaging in any exercise routines! 

Postpartum is a fulfilling, transformative, and crucial time for women as they adapt to motherhood. Patience, self-compassion, and endless support are imperative for a healthy and positive experience. Hopefully, some of these items can help alleviate any navigational challenges for you! 

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