Nursing Sports Bras, Workout Pregnancy Leggings: Where's The ACTIVEWEAR for Moms?

Nursing Sports Bras, Workout Pregnancy Leggings: Where's The ACTIVEWEAR for Moms?

* Updated January 2020

Around the 6 month of my first pregnancy, it dawned on me that workout pregnancy leggings and nursing sports bras were in my future.


I started to search for different types of clothing for my changing body.

My workout leggings were definitely starting to get too tight. Those fitted tank tops I was wearing before were completely stretched out. I managed to buy regular workout leggings in two sizes up so that they would fit comfortably around my lower belly.

I also started to buy looser tank tops or sometimes wear t-shirts at the gym. There were days I literally felt like a hobo walking around the gym.  Bright pink sports bra, yellow tank top and blue pants, just because I was trying to put something together that fit!

I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy workout pregnancy leggings that lasted through all stages of pregnancy? Before and after?! And, that was the start of my idea for the Pre2Post Capri Leggings. *Now they are called the Guardian Leggings! 

Working out while pregnant wasn’t always easy. There were many days I had to force myself to the gym just to get in some type of workout. And, with all the rave on being healthy and staying fit through pregnancy,  I found it unbelievable that I couldn’t find clothing  with special functionality for moms!

About 3 months after I had my daughter, I came up with my first idea. I was always running home from the gym because my daughter was hungry. I’d have to nurse her  when I walked in the door. Or, I’d be doing a home workout and have to nurse her in the middle of my workout because she’d wake up from a nap. Pulling my tight sports bra up to my neck while my breasts got smashed down just wasn’t doing it for me.


Enough was enough. When I couldn’t find the type of nursing sports bras I needed on the market, I decided I would create one!   Fit Mama Nursing Sports Bras are supportive, moisture wicking, comfortable and stylish! Pretty enough to wear to the grocery store, come home for a home workout and still feel dry and comfortable. *Now our high impact bra is called the Athena Nursing Sports Bra!

Of course, after the 12-14 months it took me to create these products, I was done nursing.  But,  I felt such a passion to get these out on the market. Us moms need some love, too! I still have so many more ideas for other items  I can’t wait to add to the line. For example, a nursing tank top, another pair of workout pregnancy leggings and possibly a new design in the department of nursing sports bras.

I really just want to make it easier for moms to stay active before, during and after pregnancy. Post-partum can be hard enough as it is, but with workout gear that fits properly, moms can meet those fitness goals!

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