Mommy Blogs We Love

Mommy Blogs We Love

Know what I love? I love reading what other moms have to say about motherhood, fitness, and this crazy awesome thing we call life! Here are a few of my favorite mommy blogs – in no particular order – you should check them out!

1. Beyond Fit Mom

Beyond Fit Mom was created to help new moms get back in shape. I love the sense of community on this site – moms banning together to cheer each other on and get fit. Go Mamas!

What I love about the blog? The healthy recipes and fitness tips! Check out her homemade protein bars the next time you need a healthy snack. Try a few flavors for your pre-workout boost.

2. Cherish365

Jennifer Borget started a blog, Baby Making Machine, back in 2008. As her life changes and evolved, she turned the blog into Cherish365 as a source of inspiration.

What I love about the blog? The sense of positivity. Jennifer takes you through her motherhood journey each step of the way, from pregnancy test to breast feeding and even a no sew sleeping beauty dress, check it out just in time for Halloween!

3. Skinny Meg

Meg is another one of my fit momma role models! I mean, she’s even run a few marathons! She’s not afraid to get real and tells it like it is.

What I love about the blog? Her hair, makeup, and style tips remind moms that it’s okay to care for yourself! I mean we all deserve a little TLC, so after you’re done with mommy duties, try this hair tutorial for curls that look effortless – and super cute!

If you haven’t heard of Cool Mom Picks and Motherly by now, you’re missing out. These two sites GET IT! I mean they cover all things mom related, all while keeping it trendy, a one stop shop for moms everywhere.

Do you have a mommy blog you love? Comment below and I’ll check it out!

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