How to Identify a Good Pair of Workout Leggings

How to Identify a Good Pair of Workout Leggings

Whether you’re waking up after sleeping in on a Saturday or changing after work to head to the gym…..leggings should be a go-to, feel good article of clothing. If putting on a pair of leggings doesn’t feel that good for you, you probably just haven’t found the right pair of leggings yet!

We focus on four core things when we’re designing a new pair of leggings that we believe make a great pair of leggings.

    1. Fit

    It’s a delicate balance trying to get the right fit in a pair of leggings, they need to hug your body yet not be too tight as to prevent you from moving and bending. The rise needs to be high enough to keep everything covered as you move around. We make our Guardian Leggings high waisted to keep the leggings in place throughout even the bendy-est workout! Aside from the cut, the fit of a great pair of leggings depends on our next core component.

      2. Fabric

        If the fabric feels good to the touch, it will feel good when you’re wearing them! It’s important that the fabric be breathable and has stretch to it. For workout leggings, you’ll want to make sure they’re made of compressive material too! Buttery, soft fabric with added compression is what we chose for our leggings.

          3. Waist

            A no-slip waistband is essential to a good pair of leggings. You can’t have your leggings rolling down while working out now, can you? That’s why we designed our Guardian Leggings with silicone grips inside the waistband that help prevent any rolling. You can even wear the high waist up over your belly or fold them down, and they’ll stay put either way.  

              4. Length

                 Leggings come in different lengths, so it’s up to you to decide which you prefer! ⅞ length offers more coverage where ¾ length shows the bottom half of the calf. Whichever length you choose, make sure the legs aren’t too tight around your ankles or bottoms of your knees!

                Your workout leggings can make or break your workout, so you want to make sure you have a great pair! As you try on different leggings, focus on the fit, fabric, waist, and length to make sure you choose the right ones.

                If you’re looking for recommendations, you should give our Guardian Leggings a try :) They are great for the beginning stages of pregnancy or for postpartum. We have women that aren’t even mamas wearing them so you can wear them at any stage of life!

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