How to Choose a Nursing Sports Bra

How to Choose a Nursing Sports Bra

Preparing for motherhood is a process that takes just as long as pregnancy and, if we’re being completely honest, we never feel totally prepared to be moms! But often as we prepare, we focus so much on what the baby needs - diapers, onesies, bibs - that we forget what mom needs.

Nursing clothes are a game changer for mothers everywhere! Gone are the days when you have to go lock yourself in a bathroom, take half of your shirt off, and pump or breastfeed. Nursing sports bras are a key accessory every mom or soon to be mom should have.

There are many nursing sports bras out there, so how do you choose the right one for you? You should keep in mind all factors you use to evaluate a regular bra while also accounting for your breasts being filled with milk.

1. Support

Depending on how active you plan to be during pregnancy and postpartum will determine the level of support you need. If you’re very active and have remained active throughout pregnancy, you’ll want to get a medium to high impact level of support. If you aren’t going to be running or doing burpees, you can stick with low impact support. The back of the bra is crucial in determining the support of the bra; you can tell a lot about the bra by looking at it’s back straps!

2. Coverage

The same as with your regular bra, your personal preference will determine the amount of coverage you seek. If you tend to cover up more on a regular basis, you’ll want to look for more coverage in a nursing sports bra because your breasts will be larger when producing milk.

3. Clasps

You want to make sure the girls are secure when you’re either in motion or staying in place. Most nursing sports bras are made with double clasps, but women on the larger side may need three clasps to feel secure. Go with what’s comfortable for you!

4. Band

Supporting the underside of your chest is the band that stretches across. This band should have stretch to allow for movement, but be tight enough to hold your breasts upright even while they’re filled with milk.

5. Front clips

The point of a nursing sports bra is to make your life easier, not more difficult! Your nursing sports bra should be able to unclip with ease, so try it out before you buy it. Even test it with one hand, you’ll be holding your baby with the other so it’s more realistic that way. If there’s a difficult unhooking system then move on to the next one. It should easily unclasp, but securely stay in place when you’re being active.

As you prepare for motherhood by purchasing things for your baby on the way, don’t forget to purchase things for yourself that will make motherhood a little bit easier!

We took all these points into consideration when designing and creating our nursing sports bras! Check out our High Impact nursing sports bra the Athena 2.0 or our Mid Support nursing sports bra the Strappy Back to see which one suits you the best! (Strappy Back 2.0 coming early summer 2020)

A nursing sports bra is a great asset to have in your mommy bag -so to speak! Keep in mind all the criteria needed to find your perfect nursing sports bra and you’ll be sure to find one that’s right for you!

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