Conquer Your Sickness and Get Back to Health!

Conquer Your Sickness and Get Back to Health!

Hey guys!

I am FINALLY feeling better after being sick all last week. So, I wanted to share some tips with you that helped me get back to feeling myself again!

  • You should always drink water to stay hydrated, but when your sick this is especially important. When your body’s sick, it loses fluid and you have to make sure to replenish the fluid your body loses! Drink lots of water, hot tea with lemon and honey is great, too, and get your body back to health!
  • Let your body rest – this by far was the hardest for me to do! Your body needs energy to fight off the sickness from the inside out! Fall asleep when your body’s telling you it’s time to go to bed and sleep for as long as you need.
  • Keep your body warm when you get the shivers. Shivers are a good sign, it means your bod is fighting off the infection. Wear long clothing and cover yourself with a blanket to stay warm.
  • Know when you should and shouldn’t take medicine. Medicine can help ease your symptoms, but you should try to limit how much you take. Building up your body’s immune system will help it fight off infections in the long run.

It took me a few days to get back into my routine, but with enough rest – and YES that includes stepping away from my businesses – I was able to get out of the house and even hit the gym. The next time you’re sick, take some simple steps to get your body back to health!

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