Client Testimonial Lost 51lbs

Client Testimonial Lost 51lbs

Testimonial of a nutrition client!


Having just retired I found my eating habits carried over from my working days.  No longer as active as I was when working I gained weight fast.  Every one said that I didn’t look heavy because I am pretty tall (6’2″) but I knew otherwise.  My knees hurt when I walked even a short distance.  I was out of breath just going up one flight of stairs.  I wasn’t sleeping very well.

When I met Laura I remember telling her that “I don’t want a diet plan where I will feel hungry” and she responded that it is not a diet plan but a way of life plan.  Well it really was.  At first I thought the program was all about losing weight (which I really needed to do weighing in at 261 lbs.) but found it to be more life changing than that. I never felt hungry.  The weight started falling off quickly.  I was exercising again.  Her weekly check in calls helped me with options and advice on items to cook.

Today I am maintaining my weight (210 lbs.) and eating much more sensibly.  I am working on the 85%-15% plan I discussed with Laura.  I can tell you that I have never felt better.  Everyone says I don’t look my age and as they well know, I don’t act it.  I want to thank you Laura for all of her help.  I hope other men will find her and take her on as a coach to make their lives and health better!

START: 261 LBS   TO   END: 210 LBS

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