9 Months vs 7 Months PP

9 Months vs 7 Months PP

Update on my postpartum fitness journey!


Currently 2lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. Still not at my pre-pregnancy fitness level regarding the muscle mass I used to have but I am proud of where I have gotten so far. My goal was to get back to the fitness level I used to be at, eat as healthy as I could and possibly surpass the amount of muscle I could gain back! Even when I get there, I’ll still be working toward new goals. It’s a lifestyle to me, not a race.

I wanted to get a little honest on this post (gotta stick up for my moms out there). Pregnancy is hard. Being a mom is hard. And finding the motivation to get your body back after you’ve had a child is NOT easy. There are days I have spit up on me, baby food or even poop! Hair is in the messiest mom bun you have ever seen and the circles under my eyes look like a death hole. But, I get up and do my best to either get to the gym or when I can’t, I do some type of workout at home. It isn’t all about the nice physical appearance your body displays when you workout and eat healthy (though it helps to fit in your skinny jeans).. sometimes it’s just plain old therapy for me to shut down my thoughts and get to work. Looking and feeling good partnered with eating sensibly makes me be better person because I’m happier. So, each day I try to tap into that determination – even when I feel like a sleep deprived ugly monster. Regardless of where you are at in your life.. 3-4 kids, stressful job or traveling the world, your health and overall well-being is something you just can’t take for granted.

For me and I stress “for me”… I didn’t want to let motherhood be my excuse for not being healthy or not being happy in my own skin. I still have days where I get down about my results or wasn’t able to fit into a pre-pregnancy outfit, don’t get me wrong!! They are far more than less  But, having a child if anything should make you want to keep up with your dreams or goals even outside of health. Your number one fan is that little nugget looking right up at you! Granted A LOT of things have taken a back seat because you have to make room for all the time that little nugget takes up, but as of recent, I decided that keeping my ME time helps me just be a better person for them. Sometimes that’s the gym, sometimes that’s writing or reading a self soothing book or taking a bath to reflect on life’s blessings and challenges ahead. When I feel out of whack it’s usually because I haven’t taken time for me.

Soooo in this every changing, crazy world of motherhood… take time for you and take time for your health.

With Love,

Laura Berens

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