Finally, a nursing sports bra made for moms by a mom!

If you leak, it's moisture wicking. If you sweat, it's moisture wicking. This nursing sports bra hasit all for active moms on the go! 

Tired of trying to nurse in your tight, sweaty sports bra? I was too! That's why I created the Love& Fit Activewear Line for Moms. 

The activewear for expecting and new moms is woefully inadequate for the changing woman’s body during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. That's why we are launching Love & Fit activewear for moms! 

Trying to stay active during pregnancy and postpartum? Having a hard time finding the right activewear? Love & Fit has made it easier to stay active in every stage of motherhood.


"I Love the style of the bra and it's Comfortable enough for me to wear all day"


( 15 Months Post Partium)

"This nursing sports bra offers incredible support and functionality. It’s super soft and stretchy, seamless and has good exposure so that you’re not struggling with fabric getting in the way of feeding "


(38 weeks pregnant)

“As a busy active mom of two kids. I live in workout clothes. With this bra i have functionality, comfort and style all in one. This is the sports bra for me”


(10 months post partium)

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