Why is it so hard to find a great pair of workoutleggings? 

While I was finalizing the bra I also thought about all the other issues I had with my workouts clothes while pregnant or after my pregnancy. I remember having to buy about 5 pairs of workout leggings in two sizes up because my other ones were starting to get too tight or they were starting to roll down my belly.



These leggings can be worn before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after. The interior silicone design on the waistband helps your leggings stay put while pregnant. We chose soft, plush fabric that is non-see-through, fast drying and moisture wicking, keeping you cool during your workouts. The high waist band helps support you in all the right places during postpartum. You never have to buy another pair of leggings regardless if your pregnant or not! We recommend wearing these leggings from pre-preganancy to 32 weeks and then re-introducing them back in postpartum  

  • The Silicone ribbed design helps them stay up on your belly during workouts.

  • I chose soft, plush fabric that is non see-through and also moisture wicking.

  • The leggings are high waisted for added comfort and support.

  • Breathable and stylish mesh leg paneling.




to keep your leggings in place!


“These leggings are the real deal! They are soft, breathable fabric, stylish, and comfortable. They do not shimmy down like almost all other maternity leggings. Best of all they aren't see through, and are made of super soft moisture wicking fabric! They are perfect for working out, lounging, chasing the kiddos, running errands, or anything else. I could live in these, and plan to!” - MEGAN

"I owned these while pregnant ("pre") and even wore them the day I delivered! Now I'm "post" and they are my most comfortable pair of pants, workout or otherwise. The high waist supports my stomach as it adjusts back. The sticky stuff on the waist band makes sure they stay up so I'm not tugging on them at all. They are buttery soft but feel really durable and they DO NOT get see-through when I bend over. I'm kicking myself for buying maternity workout pants at all when I could have just had these which are better quality and will last me way longer." - STEPHANIE

"Why haven't there been a pair of leggings like this before?? I am obsessed. The material feels so good and isn't the slightest bit see through. I always have trouble with leggings falling down, so that sticky stuff on the inside is a godsend. 

Oh, and these aren't just for moms. I don't have kids and I've never been pregnant. I just know a good pair of leggings when i see them. So ditch your $125+ Sweaty Betty's and Lululemons and get a pair (or 5) or these instead." - LEX