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Love & Fit - Post Baby Fitness Program (At Home)

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Alright mamas let’s get back into shape! This program is designed for moms that recently had a baby and are wanting to get their diet and fitness life back on track. With a new baby in the house many moms struggle with finding time to get to the gym, so this program is all home based! Speaking from experience, I understand first hand that after you just have a baby you are so tired and drained that sometimes you just need a helping hand to guide you toward your goals! That’s where I come in!


Many of these exercises were the ones I did while getting back into shape after I had my daughter. I help guide you through step-by-step calculations on how to configure your macros and calories specifically designed for you based on your height, weight and age. This also includes breastfeeding macro calculations, reverse dieting instructions and an example meal plan and grocery list. Of course, you don’t have to eat exactly what is on my list because with macro tracking you have lots of flexibility as long as it fits into your overall daily macros that are customized to you in this e-book. This is a lifestyle plan not a dieting plan. Women (especially busy moms) should be able to enjoy different types of foods and live their life without feeling deprived. I also give you detailed instructions on how to adjust your macros to gain or lose weight based on your overall goals. If you are looking for a simple but effective post baby fitness program, you’ve found it.


During the 12 week Love & Fit Post Baby Fitness Program you will move into more challenging workouts every 4 weeks. The beginning stages help you with re-engaging your core and strengthening your mid-section along with light weights and cardio. The second and third stages add in heavier weights, plyometrics and more cardio training.


Chair or bench, sizeable dumbbells (or anything you have around the house that can be used as dumbbells), an exercise ball and stopwatch.

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You’ll be added to the Love & Fit private Facebook group where you can share tips and tricks with other awesome mamas making healthy changes in their life using the Love & Fit Post Baby Fitness Program. This is also a place for you to ask any questions! It’s important to keep us busy moms on track and this is a great resource for you to stay motivated.

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